Positively Philadelphia: A Taste of Wilma Theater's New Cafe

Lauren Lipton
April 15, 2018 - 2:30 am
Wilma Theater

Photo provided by Wilma Theater


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- It's a small oasis on Broad Street with a big personality. The Wilma Theater has opened a cafe in its lobby.  

"Previously, we were dark most of the time in this great venue on the Avenue of the Arts (265 S.Broad Street)," said James Haskins, managing director. "We were just open when we had a production and we thought why not open this to the public at all hours and make it into a cafe. Every night after every performance we have what are called cafe chats, so we invite the audience to join us in conversation with staff and artists." 

Good Karma Cafe
Photo credit: Lauren Lipton

There are many other events going on as well, and it's open from early morning until late at night.

"Our artistic director, her office actually has a window that looks over the cafe," Haskins said, "and so sometimes she'll see people down here in the cafe and she'll say 'oh, that's someone that I need to meet with,' and so she'll come running down." 

Good Karma Cafe
Photo credit: Lauren Lipton

It's become a place for meetings or to just hang out.

"It's a great place to congregate, and like we are doing, having a meeting," said Shawn Nesbit, owner of the Good Karma Cafe. "It's a very comfortable inviting place that showcases the Wilma, while also letting the customers know, 'wow, I have this great cafe right on Broad Street.'"