Happy National Radio Day! Here are the top radio songs of the last 10 years

Celebrating ‘National Radio Day’ with the biggest songs of the decade

Michael Cerio
August 20, 2019 - 2:00 am

August 20 is National Radio Day. It’s a time to honor the medium that reaches more Americans than any other each day. It’s when we remember the stations and voices we’ve invited into our lives to introduce us to new music, to keep us plugged into our community, and to always be a part of the party. Radio is uniquely universal and personal in a way unlike any other entertainment, with an immediacy that’s unmatched and an availability that’s limitless.

Along the way, radio has helped make millions of artists into stars, and stars into close companions throughout our day. But every year, there’s one artist and one song that gets played more than all the others. The following are the biggest radio songs of the past decade, according to Billboard. These are the tunes that defined what we listened to each year, brought to you by radio.

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Taylor Swift 2009
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