Road To Final Four Is No Cheap Trip For Nova Fans

Ian Bush
March 26, 2018 - 8:00 am
Villanova Fans

(credit: Andrew Kramer)


PHILADELPHIA (KYW NEWSRADIO) — Villanova fans who missed out on being at the Final Four when the Wildcats won it all in 2016 may be thinking seriously about a trip to Texas this time around. What will it cost to be part of the action?

You could keep it simple and go with Villanova’s athletic and alumni association packages, which include air, hotel, and game tickets starting around $2800 per person.

What you might save in cash by cobbling the components together yourself, you’ll likely lose in convenience.

“Hotels are sold out completely in the downtown city center around the arena,” said travel expert Jeanenne Tornatore.

Tornatore says there are some lodging deals to be had north of San Antonio, near the airport, and in the suburbs. What about getting there in the first place?

“I typically say look at these alternative airports, Austin and Houston — unfortunately, they’re more expensive flying from Philadelphia,” she explained. “Flying direct into San Antonio at over $800 is going to be your cheapest bet.”

For now, Final Four and National Championship seats start under $150 apiece. That’s about 16 percent cheaper than last year.

“Now is the time to get a ticket for the championship,” Tornatore said, “because once we know the teams, they’re going to jump up significantly.”