The Gritty effect: SEPTA wants public's help in creating its own mascot

Philadelphians who submit top 11 mascots entries receive prizes

Rachel Kurland
October 03, 2018 - 3:46 pm

SEPTA/Twitter; KYW Newsradio file


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Philly has officially gone mascot crazy, and now SEPTA wants in on the action.

The Philadelphia Flyers have received odd success with its new mascot, Gritty — a 7-foot-tall, fuzzy-faced, googly-eyed orange monster-like creature that has taken the nation by storm, hitting up late night TV shows within the week of its debut.

With popularity like Gritty, it makes sense that others would want that kind of publicity — the kind that makes you the most-followed sports mascot on Twitter.

But before that happens, SEPTA needs a new mascot, and it is asking the public to help come up with ideas.

And like any open-ended question posed to the internet, this one came with hilarious responses:

A few suggested animals:

Others stuck with the most Philly of Philly responses:

Tweets aside, those interested can enter the mascot contest through Oct. 24, complete with descriptions of its appearance, name and a backstory.

The top 11 entries will be selected for prizes. The Grand Prize is a November Anywhere TrailPass. Ten runner-ups will receive a SEPTA T-shirt.