Sixers Playoff Logo

Photo credit: Philadelphia 76ers

Sixers Unveil New 'Snake' Playoff Logo

April 11, 2018 - 1:00 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) -- The Philadelphia 76ers have a long, proud history. And so does the city the team represents.

When the Sixers take the floor Saturday at the Wells Fargo Center for their first playoff game in six years, there will be something new to symbolize that history.

The team unveiled a new logo Wednesday as part of its brand campaign for the playoffs, '"Phila Unite." The logo features the iconic Liberty Bell with a giant snake wrapped around it. It will be displayed at center court.

Sixers Playoff Logo
Photo credit: Philadelphia 76ers

“The ‘Phila Unite’ campaign was thoughtfully developed for our fans and city over the past several years in anticipation of this moment, the moment when the 76ers returned to the NBA Playoffs,” said Chris Heck, Philadelphia 76ers President of Business Operations. “The energy in the Greater Philadelphia Area is electric right now and we wanted to rally together all of our fans from not only this region, but from around the globe. ‘Phila Unite’ pairs the rich and storied history of our city with the passionate, proud fans who we consider irreplaceable members of the 76ers family. We’re thrilled that this moment has finally arrived and look forward to watching the best fans in the world come together for the 2018 NBA Playoffs.”

In a press release, the Sixers explained the significance of the snake:

“Phila Unite” builds upon the team’s season-long “Spirit of 76” initiative by combining the bell logo, inspired by imagery from Philadelphia’s 1976 bicentennial celebration, and the segmented snake, a hidden feature on the City Edition uniform that is derived from Benjamin Franklin’s historically-significant political cartoon of 1754.

In 1754, Benjamin Franklin illustrated the political cartoon “Join, or Die” with a segmented snake in the Pennsylvania Gazette, a Philadelphia-based newspaper, in an effort to unite the colonies. In the 18th century, the severed snake was thought to possess the ability to be resurrected if its separated pieces were put back together before sunset.

Eleven years later, Franklin revitalized “Join, or Die” as “Unite, or Die” as an effort to bond the colonies together. Now, 250-plus years later, the 76ers will carry Franklin’s rallying cry to present day, evolving it to “Phila Unite,” and making it exclusively authentic to the city of Philadelphia.

The 76ers playoff logo now showcases “Philadelphia” in cursive script, representing the signing of the Declaration of Independence."

The 76ers will look to build on their franchise-record 15-game winning streak when they close out the regular season at home Wednesday night against the Milwaukee Bucks.

After that, the Sixers will march into the playoffs, no doubt trying to make more history.