Some Philly voters eager to hit the polls Tuesday

Kristen Johanson
November 04, 2018 - 12:20 pm
Voting Booth

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — As candidates spend these last two days stumping for votes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and across the nation, some voters in Philadelphia say they are ready to hit the polls.  

This election is being called one of the most important in a generation, and though it may not be a major Presidential election, voters say they are fueled by the current political climate to get the polls on Tuesday.

Voters KYW Newsradio spoke to Sunday say there are plenty issues to consider.

"I think equal pay," said Andy.

"Gun control and civil rights," said Ashley.

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"I think it’s about persevering human rights across the board," said Nina. "I consider it my duty, and it’s a way to put my voice out into the world to say what should or shouldn’t be. I really have been focused on the things I want to see changing, and just getting a close up on who's doing what and just trying to cast my ballot in that direction."

Ashley, a recent voter, says she did not get a chance to vote during the last mid-term elections.

"Definitely feel like it’s most important to vote this time, given the political climate that we’re currently in," she said.

Andy is a regular voter, but says he’s fueled by the current state of affairs to motivate others to vote. 

"I always vote but I try to empower myself and I try to encourage other people more than I normally would, to vote," he said. "The immigration issue needs to be dealt with in a more just and thoughtful way. I think the way we're going about it is very politically-driven, and I think the biggest issue is we need to bring people together on both sides of the isle and we need to have a conversation."