South Jersey Scholarship Fund

June 09, 2016 - 12:42 pm

Last year, Catholic school students in the Diocese of Camden had a demonstrated financial need of more than $9 million. From all sources, we could generate only $3 million in tuition assistance.

There are children who want to go to Catholic school, but can’t afford to. You know these children. They are the sons and daughters of your friends, family members and neighbors; maybe even your children. They represent every ethnic, racial and religious group. They have two things in common; they want to go to a Catholic school, and they can’t afford to. These children want the same thing that you experienced when you went to school: safety and stability, a disciplined and demanding structure, moral guidance and direction, and high academic expectations.

The South Jersey Scholarship Fund provides financial assistance helping to educate needy children in schools operated by the Diocese of Camden. Your generosity will help these children get the education they desire.

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