Super Bowl LIV: Are you rooting for Andy Reid?

Dave Uram
January 20, 2020 - 10:54 am
Eagles fan holds up a sign for head coach Andy Reid

Elsa/Getty Images


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — Fourteen years, 224 regular season games and 19 more in the playoffs: That’s how long Andy Reid spent as the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles. 

The only person to coach or manage a Philadelphia team longer was Connie Mack, who managed the since-departed Philadelphia A’s from 1901 to 1950.

By the end of Reid’s tenure, the Eagles weren’t headed in the right direction, and a lot of fans became tired with his repetitive, monotone and basic answers to press conference questions. They were — and to a degree, still are — unhappy about an ugly breakup with the extraordinarily popular Brian Dawkins following the 2008 season. 

It also didn’t help that Reid was 1-4 in conference title games — one of those losses closing beloved Veterans Stadium in a painful fashion. And of course, it’s hard to forget the Eagles terrible time management near the end of their loss in Super Bowl XXXIX to the New England Patriots.

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People were so fed up with Reid that anyone who took his spot would be revered, as former Oregon coach Chip Kelly was before getting fired with one game left in his third season. Kelly never sniffed the amount of success Reid did in the NFL, let alone gained the level of Reid’s popularity among his players and peers. 

Doug Pederson, who succeeded Kelly, won a Super Bowl in his second season and is very well-liked. Makes sense — Pederson is a pupil of the Reid coaching tree.

The Eagles victory in Super Bowl LII certainly helps the amount of admiration Reid is receiving in Philadelphia, as his Chiefs head to Super Bowl LIV. But would Philadelphians be rooting for him if Feb. 4, 2018 didn’t happen as it did? 

That aside, the love Reid has been getting over the past couple of weeks — and will continue to get up until the game — is well deserved.

Before Reid arrived in Philadelphia, the Eagles won two playoff games between 1981 and 1998, and played in only nine. From the time Dick Vermeil’s Eagles lost in Super Bowl XV to the time Reid coached his first game in 1999, they missed the postseason entirely in 11 of those 18 seasons. They made the playoffs in nine of Reid’s 14 years, played in 19 postseason games and won 10 of them, which is more than the nine the Eagles had won prior to that in their entire history.

Yes, Reid’s teams came up short. Yes, they choked in many of those huge games as they advanced further. Yes, the Dawkins situation was poorly handled. Yes, 14 years was too long.

But, there were a lot of wonderful moments in that time span.

If you don’t want to root for him, that’s understandable. He’s not wearing midnight green anymore. However, it may be a bit much to hope he loses in Super Bowl LIV, and, furthermore, never wins a Super Bowl.

It’s time Reid gets his moment and wins the Lombardi Trophy as a head coach.