Thanksgiving heats up with Hot Cheetos-covered turkey recipe

Rachel Kurland
November 20, 2018 - 4:10 pm
Reynolds Kitchens has created a Hot Cheetos turkey recipe.

Reynolds Kitchens


PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — If you're trying to spice up Thanksgiving this year, your main ingredient can easily be found at just about any convenience store.

A Hot Cheetos turkey recipe has created a heated Twitterstorm, with some for the cheese-dusted bird and others gagging at the idea.

Foil company Reynolds Kitchens posted the recipe to its website, which actually does not list Hot Cheetos by name, but we'll go along with "hot puffed cheese sticks." 

The recipe essentially says to crush the "cheese sticks" in a food processor, slather them on a turkey, and roast.

If Hot Cheetos are too much for your palate, opt for Reynolds' second recipe of a ranch-flavored turkey, utilizing — you guessed it — Cool Ranch Doritos (or any "ranch-flavored corn chip" substitute).

Wrap them in a Reynolds Oven Bag or foil and you're good to go.

The chip-covered turkeys file under Reynolds' "Millennial Thanksgiving Turkeys" — yes, that's a real section on its website — dedicated to recipes for edible glitter turkeys and a Mountain Dew turkey brine, because apparently nothing screams "millennial" like ingredients you can buy at a gas station.

All you need is a side of Thanksgiving Pringles and your dinner table is set.