Where is Villanova? Many don't know, according to Google

Tim Jimenez
December 13, 2018 - 10:04 am
2016 Villanova Parade

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PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — This year, according to Google, among the most frequently asked questions were “Who won Mega Millions?” and “What is Bitcoin?”

As for the “Where is...” question, the top search for 2018 in the U.S. was “Where is Villanova?”

Google released its list of the top searches of 2018, and a lot of people apparently don’t know where Villanova is located. It was the top search in that category, followed by people asking for the whereabouts of Croatia, Hurricanes Florence and Michael, and Parkland, Florida.

Villanova topping the list makes sense: March Madness. The Wildcats were on the biggest stage in college basketball, and Nova won its second national title in three years.

But the university's exact whereabouts still left many wondering, like Villanova freshman Rebecca Turner.

"I didn’t actually know where it was before I got here either," the student admitted on campus. "So, I’m partial to that search."

Turner is from South Florida, and though she never actually searched “Where is Villanova?” she said the school came up while doing her research for colleges. The programs interested her — and so did the weather.

"(I've) never seen snow," she said. "Thought that would be a good idea."

Sophomore Ian Wright is from Springfield, Ohio.

"I actually had no idea where Villanova was or what it was besides the fact that it won the tournament in 2016," he added.

After Villanova won the national title two years ago, university spokesman Jonathan Gust said there was a 22 percent jump in applications.

Gust said application figures aren't in yet for this year, but there was a big spike in Google searches in March and April.

"Not only were people Googling Villanova, but they were visiting the Villanova website in much larger numbers," he said.

Gust added that people from all around the country are finding out not only where Villanova is, but what — other than basketball — it has to offer.

"What type of programs does the university have? What does the campus look like? And so it’s very exciting when you have large numbers of people that are wanting to know more about the Villanova story."