Win or lose, Belmont Stakes betters at Parx agree: 'To see history is amazing'

Parx Racing was packed during the race.

Andrew Kramer
June 09, 2018 - 10:39 pm

BENSALEM, Pa (KYW Newsradio) - Massive crowds showed up at Bensalem's Parx Racing Saturday during the Belmont Stakes.

They got to place some bets, watch the race and ended up witnessing history.

"Justify for sure," said Rich Duffy when asked who he bet on. "You got to want him to win. It's good for the sport."

Justify finished first, as he did in this year's Kentucky Derby and Preakness, making the thoroughbred horse racing's 13th Triple Crown winner.

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"He pulled away like there was no tomorrow, it was beautiful," said Dan Amigo, who also earned some bucks thanks to Justify. "I knew Justify would take it."

Francisco Nevaraz did not put his money on Justify because of the small payouts.

"I didn't win anything, but I'm happy that he won," he said.

That's because just like everyone else who spoke with KYW Newsradio, getting to see a rare Triple Crown seemed to take precedent over making money on this day.

"I could sit here 20 years from now and tell my kids cause this doesn't happen so often," added Nevaraz. "And I've seen it twice in my lifetime. To see history is amazing."

Scott Overholt and Dwayne Colvin also left Parx with less cash than they walked in with.

"We knew we were not going to win money," Overholt said, followed by a laugh.

But they, too, seemed to look at the bigger picture when asked if seeing history made up for losing bets.

"Yea, definitely," said Colvin. "That's what we came for."

Although Overholt came close to winning some money...

"I did take Justify, but I bet an exacta and bet the wrong second place horse," he said. "I can't put money on Gronkowski, I'm from Philly!"

After Justify and Gronkowski, Hofburg finished in third. ​