Keeping Earth livable for its kids and yours

Rasa Kaye
December 13, 2018 - 2:36 pm

PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — “Being a responsible dad always meant protecting our families from harm. The coming droughts, storms, floods and spreading diseases are about to make our jobs way more difficult.”

That dire warning at Climate Dads’ website belies the sunny affability of the organization’s co-founders.

Calling themselves “dads taking action on climate change,” Philadelphia fathers Jason Sandman and Ben Block launched Climate Dads on Father’s Day 2018 as a way to bring like-minded papas together to socialize and mobilize for a healthy environment for future generations.

In their first six months, they’ve hosted get-togethers in person and blog contributions on their website.

A pre-Thanksgiving “Call to Action at Schuylkill River Park” brought a motivated group of dads and bundled-up bambinos together to learn more about the group and how to instill a love for the environment in the next generation.

Sandman said more such outings are planned for 2019 as a way to identify concerns and talents.

“From the climate science Ph.D. dad teaching at Penn to the dad who knows very little but who knows this is a very important topic, we want to reach out to all of them and bring them together and mobilize them because I think they each have something to learn from each other can and support each other,” Sandman explained.

Block emphasized fatherhood as a bond and a starting point for action.

“We are environmentalists at heart, but most of all, we’re dads who realize climate change is a real concern for ourselves personally and for our families, and we want to do something about it,” he said. “First and foremost, it’s a social thing. For dads who’ve never been active environmentalists before, we want to create that community who can help each other out, exchange resources, exchange information and find ways to get involved.”

Big thanks to the #climatedads who withstood the blustery winds@for our first event! A lot of amazing ideas to address #climatechange and inspiration to unite more #Dads to join the cause. Much more to come soon from this group of guys

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Sandman and Block plan a podcast and a regular newsletter that will touch on topics ranging from how to raise informed and active kids, to preparing in practical ways for a warming world.

Their website, Instagram and Facebook page are where you can look for updates on a Climate Dads Philly Google Group, upcoming events and collaborative partnerships with Philly-based parent groups. You can share suggestions for how to elevate Philadelphia's climate and energy issues in the upcoming mayoral and City Council campaigns of 2019.