#17: Boston BeerFish Head, STEEL FURNACE PARTY, and You Don't Have a Brewer's Beard

The Beer and Booze Broz
Monday, May 20th
Dazed and confused by the bombshell that was the Dogfish Head and Boston Beer merger, but also because they're generally dazed and confused, the Beer and Booze Broz call on a craft beer merger expert to walk them through what happens next. Bill Covaleski lends an air of legitimacy to the podcast. Thank you Bill. Please pause and rate and review the podcast after this segment, before you continue listening.
The boys then head to a vacant lot in Brewerytown, Philadelphia, to interview strangers cosplaying as bulldozers, intent on becoming a steel or concrete statue to save themselves from the every which a way of being burned alive. See, you could have lived anywhere in the world, but you chose Philadelphia, and this is the cost of entry bruh. After the first ever Steel Furnace Party, John and Paul head to the city's first beer festival focused entirely on female brewers. They hang out with some of their friends in the Pink Boot Society (shoutout to episode 15) and wrap up the day with a lovely fresh dry hopped and unfiltered pale ale at Parks on Tap.

Links to the things we drank today:
Dogfish Head / Boston Beer merger 
Steel Furnace Party 
Love City Brewing
Parks on Tap
Mainstay Brewing, the creator of Parks Pale Ale

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