#39: One Day at a Time (The People in the Tunnels, Part 3)

Earlier this year, we put out an episode about homeless encampments, occupied by drug users, that were springing up under railroad tracks in Philly. We called it "The People in the Tunnels." Part two came out a couple months later, about a pilot program the city developed in two of the tunnels. Basically, anyone living there could get a bed and treatment to get sober, if they wanted it, before the encampments were shut down. Today on the podcast: part three of our series on the people in the tunnels. What does life look like now, for someone who decided to say yes and get clean? And is there really such a thing as a fresh start?

Thanks to KYW Newsradio city hall bureau chief Pat Loeb for coming back on the podcast, you can follow what she's covering on Twitter at @patloeb. 

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