#40: Free Peter Biar

Scroll Down: True Philadelphia Stories
Saturday, September 22nd
Peter Biar Ajak left Sudan during a horrible civil war, one of the 40,000 Lost Boys. He found a new home in Philadelphia, went to Central High School and graduated from La Salle University in 2007. He continued his education at Harvard, then Cambridge. And then, he went back -- hoping to use his education to help bring peace to South Sudan. Peter was arrested in July for speaking out against the South Sudanese government and has been kept in prison since then. His friends from Philadelphia and around the world are calling for his release. Two of his friends from La Salle are on the podcast today to tell us why.

Follow the effort to free Peter on Twitter: @FreePeterBiar, on Facebook: @FreePeterBiar, and on the website, FreePeterBiar.org  For more information, email info@FreePeterBiar.com.

Tim Jimenez (@timjradio) helped bring Peter's story to the podcast today. You can read his article about Peter on kywnewsradio.com 

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