Danielle Outlaw: Philly's Police Commissioner on crime, morale, 'defund' movement, and the path forward

KYW In Depth: Coronavirus
Tuesday, July 7th
Danielle Outlaw has been Commissioner of the Philadelphia Police Department since February. And in those five months, she's overseen the department through the coronavirus pandemic, the protests and unrest in Philadelphia after the death of George Floyd, and a recent spike in crime, including shootings and homicides. Commissioner Outlaw recently announced her plan to decrease violent crimes in Philadelphia, and she sat down with KYW's crime and justice reporter Kristen Johanson for a conversation on KYW In Depth about the details of the crime action plan, what she thinks about the 'defund the police' movement, the spiking crime rate in Philly and around the country, police morale, and the path forward as a police department and a city.

Read more about the crime action plan on kywnewsradio.com: https://bit.ly/321NeIO