Flashpoint: Dismantling white supremacy, how votes are counted and breaking bread to stop violence

Flashpoint with Cherri Gregg
Sunday, November 18th
Host and KYW Newsradio cmmunity affairs reporter Cherri Gregg asks the burning questions about white supremacy. Chad Dion Lassiter, race relations expert and executive director of the Pennsylvania Commission on Human Relations, joins UPenn Political Science Professor Rogers Smith and Frank Meeink, speaker and authoer of "Autobiography of a Recovery Skinhead" in a very insightful discussion on this topic.

During our newsmaker segment, we chat with Marian Schneider, president of Verified Voting, how votes are counted after Election Day.

Finally, our changemaker of the week is The Charles Foundation, a non-profit working to end gun violence by giving hope to individuals on both sides of the gun. Founder Movita Johnson-Harrell discuss their latest Thanksgiving season effort.

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