Flashpoint Extra: Entercom serves pillars of community impact

Flashpoint with Cherri Gregg
Friday, September 20th
In this special edition of the the Flashpoint Podcast: Host and KYW Newsradio community affairs reporter Cherri Gregg asks the burning questions about the Entercom Serves program, recorded at the new Entercom 2400 Market Street headquarters.

Entercom sustainability partner Fairmount Park Conservancy is highlighted. Meg Holscher, Senior Development Director and Sara Hirshler, Membership Manager are guests.

Entercom veteran and service members partner is Travis Manion Foundation. COO Josh Jabin is guest.

Civic education is a one of the five pillar of the Entercom Serves program.  Committee of Seventy Chief Advancement Officer, Lauren Cristella and National Constitution Center Chief Learning Officer Dr. Kerry Sautner are guests.