Flashpoint: Money the seed for love and divorce, loving through HIV and loving adoptions

Flashpoint with Cherri Gregg
Saturday, February 9th
Host and KYW community affairs reporter Cherri Gregg asks the burning questions about money. It's the seed for both love and divorce. Dr. George James, a licensed marriage and family therapist, Linda A. Kern, a family law attorney who blogs about love and divorce and Robert and Tunisia Bettis, a husband and wife team that hosts a Couples and Cash bootcamp are guests.

The Flashpoint newsmakers of the week are Lynette and Daniel Trawick, a married couple raising 11 kids. Lynette is HIV positive. Daniel is not. They speak about Christianity and unconditional love.

Our changemaker of the week is the Adoptions From The Heart. Domestic Program manager and supervisor of the Wynnewood office, Ashley Kodet is the guest.

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