How scammers and con artists are trying to profit from the COVID-19 crisis

KYW In Depth: Coronavirus
Tuesday, March 24th
Bad guys don't take days off, even during global virus pandemics. Federal authorities are sounding the alarm on scams like fake vaccines and cures during the COVID-19 crisis that prey on people's fear and target their wallets. On this episode of KYW In Depth, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District Bill McSwain tells KYW Newsradio crime and justice reporter Kristen Johanson how the coronavirus scams being reported to the Feds are 'only limited by your imagination.'

If you have been scammed or have a tip about something coronavirus related that you think seems fishy:
Call the Department of Justice national hotline to report a scam: 1-866-720-5721
Or send an email to