How to help shelter dogs and cats during the coronavirus shutdown

KYW In Depth: Coronavirus
Wednesday, March 25th
The Providence Animal Center in Media, Pennsylvania is in a tough spot right now. Normally, they have hundreds of animal lovers who volunteer to help out with the dogs and cats at the center. But during the coronavirus pandemic, the limited on-site staff have to pick up all the work. They've also canceled fundraisers that they depend on to keep the Center going. On this episode of KYW In Depth, Carol MacKenzie talks with Providence Animal Center's Director of Advancement Justina Calgiano about what the shelter needs and the specific ways they need people to help during this crisis. Hint: have you ever wanted to foster a fur baby?  

Providence Animal Center's website:

"We realize people are up against some really tough odds right now. Finances are dwindling, and that's really hard, and it's really upsetting. But pets are family. And so we're trying to keep the family intact right now." - Justina Calgiano, Providence Animal Center.