Olympic Dreams part 1: Nathan Gillis, track & field and Tyler Nase, rowing

KYW In Depth: Coronavirus
Wednesday, March 25th
The Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo have been postponed. For some of the athletes who have been training for months or years for the chance to compete, postponing the Olympics means another year of work. For others, it means that some windows that were open this summer might not be open next year. 

On this episode of KYW In Depth, Matt Leon reaches out to athletes in the Philadelphia area who have been trying to make Olympic teams. Nathan Gillis is a fifth-year senior at La Salle University. He has been training in hopes of qualifying for the 2020 Summer Olympics to represent his home country of Great Britain in the 800 meter and/or 1600 meter track events.  Tyler Nase is a rower who took part in the 2016 Olympics and has been working to qualify for 2020. He is a La Salle College High School product and an assistant rowing coach at the University of Pennsylvania.