The Skeleton in the Museum, Part 2

This is part two of a story we started last year about a remarkable woman named Carol Orzel. Carol was 59 years old when she died from a very rare bone disease. Her last wish was for her body to be donated to the Mütter Museum -- so scientists could study her skeleton and learn more about the disease that killed her. KYW reporter Mark Abrams (@MAbramsKYW1060) is back on the podcast today to tell us how Carol's wish was fulfilled.

You can hear the first part of the story wherever you get your podcasts (it's episode #37), or at Read more about Carol Orzel on 

To find out more about the Mütter Museum, check out their great website at Find out more about the great work done by Skulls Unlimited at their website, 

Remembrance photos of people who have passed away from FOP can be found at Carol's photo is there too.

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