Cinema Obscura

The wild. The weird. The outrageous. KYW Newsradio's Frank Traynor joins
independent Philly filmmaker Andre Bennett (@AndreBennettGO) to dive into the
cult side of film and discuss some of the best (and worst) movies you might
not have heard about.
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Great Balls of Fire!

Friday, September 13th
Goodness, gracious! In episode 39 of cinema Obscura KYW Newsradio's Frank Traynor and independent filmmaker Andre Bennett dive into the 1989 Jerry Lee Lewis...


Friday, September 6th
Thirty years ago, "Weird Al" Yankovic made a run at big screen stardom, but the result was far weirder than even he anticipated! In episode 38 of Cinema...

Message from Space

Friday, August 30th
"Star Wars" spawned a legion of imitators in the late '70s, but none more surreal and sincere than this 1978 space adventure from Japan! In episode 37 of...

The Fighting Sullivans

Friday, August 23rd
Standing together from birth to last breaths, it's the story of "The Fighting Sullivans!" In episode 36 of Cinema Obscura KYW Newsradio's Frank Traynor joins...

Episode 35: "Matango"

Wednesday, June 26th
A mysterious island. Desperate castaways. This isn't "Gilligan's Island," it's the 1963 Japanese horror movie "Matango: Attack of the Mushroom People." KYW's...

Episode 34: "Mikey and Nicky"

Wednesday, June 12th
KYW Newsradio's Steve Nikazy (@SteveOnTheAir) and independent filmmaker Andre Bennett (@AndreBennettGO) discuss director Elaine May's bruising tale of a pair...