Gone Cold: Philadelphia Unsolved Murders | A KYW Newsradio Podcast

Gone Cold is a true crime podcast about cold cases, from KYW Newsradio. Tom
Rickert and Kristen Johanson explore unsolved murder mysteries in and around
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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Episode 5: Tomiene

Monday, July 30th
Tomiene Jones worked the night shift at the post office. She would take her young daughter to the babysitter, and then drive to work. She'd done this many...

Episode 4: Don

Thursday, March 22nd
Don Ly was a monk, a farmer, and a police officer in Vietnam. After the war, he moved heaven and earth to make a new life for his family in America. On April...

Presents: The Lost Boys

Thursday, January 11th
In July of 2017, four young men suddenly disappeared in the suburbs of Philadelphia. The search for answers took just over a week. What happened to them...

Episode 3: Fred

Monday, November 20th
In February of 1993, Fred Winner went to the bank. He dropped off checks from his check cashing business - and he picked up $10,000 in cash to take back to his...

Episode 2: Carol

Sunday, October 8th
In June of 2013, 59 year old Carol Reiff was supposed to go to the beach with her family. She didn't show up. Her daughter Dawn has never stopped fighting to...

Episode 1: Jason

Thursday, August 31st
It was a chilly October night in 2004. Jason Richardson and his friend Anthony went to a bar in Upper Darby to unwind after a long week. 22-year-old Jason...