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KYW Newsradio's 1-On-1 with Matt Leon explores the untold stories of the
Philadelphia sports scene with the people who make it interesting: players,
coaches, media members, historians, and more. Each week, Matt sits down with
a Philly sports figure with a story you haven't heard before.
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Connor Barwin - Pressure Off the Edge

Wednesday, December 4th
Connor Barwin spent 10 years as one of the top pass rushers in the NFL. Four of his most successful seasons were spent here in Philadelphia, where in addition...

Brad Marsh - Steady on the Blue Line

Wednesday, November 13th
Brad Marsh spent 15 years in the NHL as a defenseman. Seven of those seasons were spent on the blue line with the Flyers, where he became a fan favorite. He is...

Donald Hunt - Tribune Legend

Wednesday, November 6th
Donald Hunt first arrived at the Philadelphia Tribune in 1983 and since then he has become one of the top sportswriters in Philadelphia. Hunt was inducted into...

Bill O'Neill - Picking Up The Spare

Wednesday, October 30th
Bill O'Neill lives in Langhorne and he is one of the top performers on the Professional Bowlers Association Tour. His bowling ability has allowed him the...

Bill Wagner - 50 Years of Family

Wednesday, October 23rd
Bill Wagner is winding down his 50th and final season as the head sprint football coach at the University of Pennsylvania. He is an institution at Penn, having...