Scroll Down: True Philadelphia Stories

Scroll down is a podcast about the rest of the soundbite, the people and the
conversations that don’t fit into a 60 second radio story. Scroll Down
is hosted and produced by Tom Rickert in the KYW Newsradio studios in
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The Inventor vs. the Spotted Lanternfly

Tuesday, October 8th
The Spotted Lanternfly has invaded Pennsylvania, and it's kicking bark and taking names. So far its only natural predators are humans who enjoy squishing bugs...

8 Hours of Hell

Tuesday, September 17th
On Wednesday, August 14th six police officers were shot in North Philadelphia. KYW Newsradio covered the harrowing standoff that night and into the morning. It...

#55: The Skeleton in the Museum, Part 2

Tuesday, August 20th
This is part two of a story we started last year about a remarkable woman named Carol Orzel. Carol was 59 years old when she died from a very rare bone disease...

#37: The Skeleton in the Museum, Part 1

Monday, August 19th
Part one of the story of Carol Orzel originally aired in August of 2017. We're re-airing the episode today because part two is up next! Carol Orzel had a very...

#54: The Old Books in the Warehouse

Tuesday, July 30th
When Bucks County Recorder of Deeds Robin Robinson discovered the county's oldest deeds weren't in her office, she threw herself into a search and rescue...