Scroll Down: True Philadelphia Stories

Scroll down is a podcast about the rest of the soundbite, the people and the
conversations that don’t fit into a 60 second radio story. Scroll Down is
is hosted and produced by Tom Rickert in the KYW Newsradio studios in
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#50: The Thing About Suburban Station

Monday, April 15th
Store owners in Suburban Station have a problem. Crime, drug use, and homelessness is up, they tell KYW Newsradio, and business is down. Way down. And they...

#49: Ghost Guns

Monday, March 25th
Operation Stone Wall started as an investigation into a cocaine ring in South Jersey. One year later, New Jersey's attorney general says four people in that...

#48: Free Peter Biar, Part 2

Monday, March 4th
Listen to the first part of this story in episode 40, anywhere you get your podcasts, or on Peter Biar Ajak has been in a notorious prison in...

#47: Runaway Cows and Refugees

Monday, February 11th
One of the things Old First Church is known for is the live animal nativity scene around Christmas time. Every December, you could walk by the church in Old...

#45: Stop Recycling Pizza

Monday, January 7th
When KYW Newsradio's Mike DeNardo came back from touring a recycling plant in Philadelphia, we quickly realized that a lot of what we thought we knew about...