APM tablets
Courtesy of Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha
Mike DeNardo
March 30, 2020 - 3:21 pm
Staffers from the Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM) dropped off tablets to the homes of more than 600 3- to 5-year-olds, who would normally be at one of the nonprofit's four preschool centers, but the schools are closed due to coronavirus. Read more here.
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coronavirus guidance
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images
Hadas Kuznits
March 27, 2020 - 12:50 pm
Philadelphians are required to stay at home to prevent the spread of coronavirus, except for essential needs, like groceries or medical services. But for divorced parents, how do custody agreements come into play? Read more here.
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Empty playground swings
anamejia18/Getty Images
Hadas Kuznits
March 21, 2020 - 10:43 am
It's the first weekend of Spring, but many children, particularly in the city, will be spending it indoors, as all Philadelphia playgrounds closed Friday evening. Read more here.
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"Sesame Street" characters promoting the 2020 Census
Sesame Workshop via AP
AP News
March 09, 2020 - 11:40 am
No other age group was under-counted more during the last once-a-decade census than children under age 5, researchers say. Sesame Street is hoping to use Count von Count to change that. Read more here.
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Beloved crossing guard Arthur Culbreth
Holli Stephens/KYW Newsradio
John McDevitt
March 06, 2020 - 12:22 pm
Beloved crossing guard Arthur Culbreth has returned to his post in Overbrook after beating colon cancer, and he’s back to dancing and making people smile. Read more here.
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Children of America day care center
John McDevitt
February 27, 2020 - 2:34 pm
Upper Southampton police say four young children have been taken to area hospitals after a car crashed into a day care center, and one is in serious condition. Read the latest here.
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The assistant manager of a South Philadelphia dollar store has posted a note on the door saying kids need to be accompanied by a parent or someone over 18.
Paul Kurtz/KYW Newsradio
Kristen Johanson
February 17, 2020 - 4:55 pm
Philadelphia police have been beefing up patrols in and around Center City after a recent spike in retail thefts — much of which, they say, are being committed by teenagers. But one police commander came up with a new way to reduce crime while also giving the teens a safe space after school. Read...
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Black History Month banner
Vitalii Abakumov/Getty Images
Hadas Kuznits
February 17, 2020 - 4:00 am
February is Black History Month, and a local therapist suggests it's also a good time to open up a conversation about race with your children, especially in families that are not ethnically diverse. Read more here.
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A Berks County home where murder charges have been filed against a woman whose children were found hanging in this home's basement.
Jim Melwert/KYW Newsradio
Jim Melwert
February 12, 2020 - 3:04 pm
The Berks County woman whose children were found hanging in the basement of her home will stand trial on charges she killed them. Read more here.
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Sen. Bob Casey
Kim Glovas/KYW Newsradio
Kim Glovas
February 10, 2020 - 3:37 pm
Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Bob Casey is proposing a plan that would benefit all of “America’s children,” by providing health care at birth, affordable child care and more. Read the details here.
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