Temple University
Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images
Suzanne Monaghan
May 18, 2020 - 2:23 pm
College students who are suffering financially due to the coronavirus pandemic are eligible for grants as part of the CARES Act. Read more here.
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Philadelphia City Hall.
Holli Stephens / KYW Newsradio
Pat Loeb
May 08, 2020 - 3:18 pm
Philadelphia officials launched two new efforts — one to combat the virus, the other to ease the economic impact. Read more here.
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Mayor Jim Kenney
Holli Stephens/KYW Newsradio
Pat Loeb
April 30, 2020 - 8:31 pm
Philadelphia’s fight against COVID-19, including a stay-at-home order that has shuttered most businesses, has cost the city $649 million, money that Mayor Jim Kenney will propose making up with a combination of cuts and tax increases when he presents a revised budget to City Council on Friday. Read...
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legal advice
Jirapong Manustrong/Getty Images
Justin Udo
April 27, 2020 - 2:36 pm
Philadelphia lawyers are offering free legal advice to people who may be struggling with issues due to the coronavirus pandemic. Read more here.
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Governor Phil Murphy holds a coronavirus briefing in Newark .
Edwin J. Torres/NJ Governor's Office
David Madden
April 25, 2020 - 1:59 pm
New Jersey reported 3,457 new positive coronavirus cases, bringing the state total to 105,523 and the total of coronavirus-related fatalities to 5,863. Read more here.
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A reminder on a calendar to pay rent.
AndreyPopov/Gety Images
Paul Kurtz
April 23, 2020 - 4:32 pm
A survey of thousands of Americans found that the ability to afford housing has plummeted during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more here.
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Mayor Jim Kenney
Holli Stephens/KYW Newsradio
KYW Staff
April 13, 2020 - 2:12 pm
Mayor Jim Kenney asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for “direct and flexible funding” and more resources for local governments. The Philadelphia health commissioner also said the overall trend of COVID-19 cases is down, offering “a sign of hope.” Read the latest here.
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Eviction notice
stuartmiles99/Getty Images
Cherri Gregg
March 18, 2020 - 4:22 pm
A Philadelphia family of five was evicted from their housing days before the coronavirus restrictions went in place. They explain it’s expensive to live when you have no place to stay. Read more here.
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Elderly woman holding on handrail in bathroom
iStock / Getty Images Plus
Lynne Adkins
January 15, 2020 - 10:17 am
Keeping Mom and Dad at home, safely, could be as easy as picking up the phone. The Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program, or SHARP, can help qualifying seniors with modifications and repairs to keep the home safe and accessible. Read more here.
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Angela McIver.
Cherri Gregg/KYW Newsradio
Cherri Gregg
January 14, 2020 - 6:51 pm
A Philadelphia-based agency is sounding the alarm on a proposed U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development rule change that would roll back Obama-era regulations requiring data around fair housing. Read more here.
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