highway toll booth
welcomia/Getty Images
AP News
December 27, 2019 - 3:57 pm
It could soon cost more than $50 to drive across Pennsylvania on the nation's first superhighway. Read more here.
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Mike Dougherty | KYW Newsradio
Mike Dougherty
July 17, 2019 - 3:27 pm
PHILADELPHIA (KYW Newsradio) — The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission approved another toll increase that takes effect in January. Tolls will go up across the board by six percent for both E-Zpass and cash paying drivers. Tolls have gone up annually since 2007. KYW Newsradio spoke with a DJ who uses...
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Free Toll Friday
Courtesy of Chickie's & Pete's
Rachel Kurland
May 23, 2019 - 2:49 pm
NEW JERSEY (KYW Newsradio) — If you're going to be stuck in traffic at the start of Memorial Day weekend, at least it'll be free. At least 1 million people will be traveling throughout New Jersey for the holiday — more than a quarter on the Atlantic City Expressway alone. If you plan on driving...
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Tony Romeo
January 02, 2019 - 11:11 am
HARRISBURG, Pa. (KYW Newsradio) — The latest increase in Pennsylvania Turnpike tolls takes effect this Sunday. Stemming in part from its obligation to raise hundreds of millions of dollars each year for transportation needs around the state, and in recent years, for mass transit mostly, the...
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Delaware Memorial Bridge
Delaware River and Bay Authority
David Madden
November 27, 2018 - 12:58 pm
NEW CASTLE, Del. (KYW Newsradio) — Drivers who use the the Delaware Memorial Bridge could soon pay more to cross between New Jersey and Delaware. It’s been eight years since the one-way toll has been increased. The proposal would take the charge from $4 to $5 for passenger cars, with other changes...
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