Department of Environmental Protection agents perform a prescribed burn in 2019, to clear combustible materials that could start a wildfire.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
David Madden
January 13, 2020 - 4:30 am
With massive wildfires causing historic levels of destruction in Australia, some wonder if similar devastation could happen here. That question was put to those who deal with wildfires in the New Jersey Pinelands. Read more here.
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Australia bushfires
Sam Mooy/Getty Images
Hadas Kuznits
January 10, 2020 - 1:12 pm
An estimated 25.5 million acres have burned in Australia, killing a couple dozen people and wiping out ecosystems in the process. A Philadelphia fundraiser hopes to offer some aid to those battling the massive flames. Read more here.
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The Australia Flag flies under red skies from the fires on January 04, 2020 in Bruthen Australia.
Darrian Traynor/Getty Images
Mike Dougherty
January 09, 2020 - 8:06 am
At least two-dozen people have been killed, and the toll on wildlife has been devastating, as wildfires continue to burn in Austrailia. As relief pours in from around the world, some 76ers have stepped up to help. Read more here.
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A kangaroo escapes the wildfire in Australia.
Brett Hemmings/Getty Images
January 07, 2020 - 12:38 pm
The blazes, which have been burning across Australia for months, have razed homes and wiped out entire towns. Nearly half a billion animals have been impacted by the fires in New South Wales alone, with millions potentially dead. Read more here.
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In this Sunday, Jan. 5, 2020, photo provided by Australian Department of Defence, a Royal Australian Navy MRH-90 helicopter crew member looks out over fires burning near Cann River, Australia.
Private Michael Currie/ADF via AP
AP News
January 06, 2020 - 10:06 am
Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the government was committing an extra 2 billion Australian dollars ($1.4 billion) toward the recovery effort in addition to the tens of millions of dollars that have already been promised. Read more here.
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A firefighter keeps an eye on a controlled burn used to control a larger fire near Burrill Lake, Australia, Sunday.
Rick Rycroft/AP Photo
AP News
January 05, 2020 - 3:35 pm
Cooling temperatures and calmer winds brought some relief Sunday to Australian communities raked by wildfires, but the heat stayed on Prime Minister Scott Morrison to accept responsibility for the crisis and take action. Read more here.
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Singer Pink says she's donating $500,000 to help fight the deadly wildfires that have devastated parts of Australia.
John Salangsang/Invision/AP, File
AP News
January 04, 2020 - 1:35 pm
American pop singer Pink says she is donating $500,000 to help fight the deadly wildfires that have devastated parts of Australia. Read more here.
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A Forest Corporation worker manages a fire hose as he battles a fire near Moruya, Australia, Saturday.
Rick Rycroft/AP Photo
AP News
January 04, 2020 - 11:19 am
A father and son who were battling flames for two days are the latest victims of the worst wildfire season in Australian history, and the path of destruction widened in at least three states Saturday due to strong winds and high temperatures. Read more here.
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Red sky from wildfires burning, in Victoria, Australia, on Dec. 31, 2019.
@AvaTheHuman via AP
AP News
January 01, 2020 - 11:15 am
Australia deployed military ships and aircraft Wednesday to help communities ravaged by apocalyptic wildfires that have left at least 17 people dead nationwide and sent thousands of residents and holidaymakers fleeing to the shoreline. Read more here.
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A helicopter tackles a wildfire in East Gippsland, Victoria state, Australia.
State Government of Victoria via AP
AP News
December 31, 2019 - 6:27 pm
Wildfires burning across Australia's two most populous states Tuesday trapped residents of a seaside town in apocalyptic conditions and killed at least two people while more property along the country's east coast fell victim to a devastating fire season. Read more here.
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